Our Countryside House in Galicia (Spain)

Coutry House built in 1826

Our countryside house “O Canastro” belongs to my family for two centuries, my grandfather ordered to bring the stone to build a laundry, a granary, a winery and a well.

Over the years the concern arises in me to share my personal paradise with others, hence the initiative to create COUNTRYSIDE HOUSE  “Casa O Canastro”, the name is because it has a spectacular Horreo was always known by that name.

A typical countryside house at Morrazo region of belonging for four family generations Pena Freire.

Its construction dates back to the beginning of S. XIX, in the bed of a community almost exclusively dependent on the agricultural and fishery resources, its special microclimate adds a unique charm. In 400 m have sea and mountain.

If anything, as we are so proud of our own house is in the wonderful countryside around us: white sand beaches, hiking headlamps, Camellia routes, water sports, mountain bike trails, hiking trails, viewpoints, ancient burials, religious tourism, art …

Visit Galicia is a land known one, full of traditions and contrasts. A place where the sea and land merge into a tender embrace to give us an environment full of beauty.